Helping to bring mobile robots into the laboratory with a robot friendly refrigerator


  • Enables robots to access fridges without industrial robot arms
  • Facilitates 24/7 operation without human intervention

  • Allows laboratory use to be shared with humans

Laboratory automation with robotics often stops short of full automation, since common lab devices such as fridges are designed for human use.

Thanks to the SiLA 2 standard, it is now possible to adapt these devices and with the addition of suitable hardware.


  • Commands to open / close fridge via wifi

  • Flexibility in communication via SiLA standard

  • Adaptable to a choice of fridge models (this example Bomann KSG 238)

The fridge controller uses a compact SiLABOX based on an off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi controller, running LINUX together with an adapted open source SiLA 2 driver and a custom motor controller. The controller also includes front panel buttons for manual override.

The SiLA-enabled device can be controlled via Wi-Fi from a laptop running a SiLA-compatible browser such as that available from UniteLabs. (See products and drivers page here)

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